The color of breast milk, this piece is a deeply emotional one. It is important that it not be misinterpreted. The anger depicted is not of a mother towards her child. On the contrary, Postpartum depicts the anger that surfaces when the new parents are blindsided by the enormity of the task at hand. “Why did no one tell me this would be so crazy?” falls from their lips. The love is boundless and yet also binding. One’s old life is forever changed and in order to be a conscious parent one must evolve every aspect of one’s being. Phrases such as ‘want of flesh’ and ‘grasp me’ tell of the constant demands made upon the new mother physically, emotionally, and mentally. And for the mother that wants to do only the best by her child the pressure of new motherhood can be crippling.

This piece embodies an aspect of parenting that is still rarely acknowledged in an open arena. It will no longer be such a scary topic when we realize that these feelings are the symptoms of incredible growth.