Mother Teresa

A portrait of human as servant

Beatified by Pope John Paul II, Mother Teresa has become Blessed Teresa of Calcutta. This portrait is the most optimistic thus far and without reservation communicates the possibility for a world that recognizes the connection of all people. Words such as hope, universal truth, and joy link the portrait together while the image of paper cut-out children symbolizes not only the children Mother Teresa taught and cared for but also the 123 countries touched by her organization. Far reaching was her service and as the title of one book about her states, Mother Teresa was and her organization still is “Something Beautiful for God”. This portrait shows only a small portion of Mother Teresa’s face for a reason – she became something so much bigger than her small frame could contain. This piece is an image of what we are at our best and although not all of us are meant to live such a life, still we can be of service everyday in the way we consciously step out into the world.