About Shannon Lightfoot

ARTIST PHOTOCanadian artist Shannon Lightfoot is a profound visual story teller and his entirely unique technique is the culmination of 19 years of development.

A scroll saw is used to first cut the images into the board.  Then, upon paint application, Shannon is able to choose the elements of the story that he wishes to become the primary and secondary focus of the viewer. From afar the portrait appears to be two dimensional;  however, as the viewer soon discovers, a whole story unfolds before the eye as the cutlines reveal images and words hidden at a distance.  It is this unique quality that lends such power to a Lightfoot piece.  By working intimately with his clients, a portrait is never simply a portrait and a landscape is much more than a view,  these images grow to become the transcription of a story.

Shannon Lightfoot currently resides on the Sunshine Coast of BC with his beloved wife and two young children.  In his life, Shannon believes that the most important thing he can do is show his children that it is possible to live consciously and creatively.   “In order to show them their dreams are possible, I must pursue my own!